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Mt. Lemmon This is our primary site which overlooks Tucson from a 9000 foot vantage point in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Mt. Bigelow CARBA’s primary microwave hub is located a few miles east of Mt. Lemmon. The site provides us a place to mount mutiple microwave dishes making a hub possible.
Downtown Our local site provides close in coverage in the metro Tucson area as well as fill-in coverage on the north part of the city which is shadowed from Mt. Lemmon.
Mule Mt. This site provides great coverage in the southeast corner of the state. Mule Mt. overlooks the town of Bisbee and has a great view of Sierra Vista and Douglas.
Elephant Head Located half way between Tucson and Nogales in the Santa Rita mountains, Elephant Head Peak provides solid coverage along Interstate 19 south of Tucson.
Heliograph Pk. At a 10,000 foot elevation, Heliograph Peak is our highest site. It is located along the south end of the Pinale\F1o Mountains overlooking the town of Safford. We share the responsibility for the site with the Jacks Peak Cactus Intertie affiliate.
Dragoon Near the town of Dragoon, Arizona, this site overlooks Texas Canyon and east and west along I-10 between the towns of Benson and Willcox.
Red Mt. A joint venture with the Santa Cruz County RACES, Red Mountain overlooks the town of Patagonia and provides coverage along Route 82 from Sonoita to Nogales. We also support an open 2m repater on the site: 146.64- pl 127.3.
Dark Canyon We are also partners with the Jacks Peak A.R.A. in this site in southeastern New Mexico. Dark Canyon is on the last high mountain in the southwestern U.S. and looks over the plains to the east. It is also our radio gateway to Texas.