Dragoon is currently CARBA’s latest site. It was placed on the air on October 13, 2006. The site overlooks Texas Canyon along I-10 between Benson and Willcox, AZ. The construction and installation of the site took place over a period of about 6 months.

Construction began in W7HSG’s workshop with help from K7RML. The 440 radio is a MSF-5000. It is shown being interfaced to an AS-1 squelch card.

The link radios are a pair of Mitreks interfaced to the SRC-200 controller via an AS-1 board mounted in the metal box. Meanwhile, the tower crew: N7JZT, WA7PIQ, K7LHR and KB7GNX began the antenna installation.
The 440 antenna is in a great location on top of the tower. There were some up’s and down’s.
Following the antenna installation, the monsoons struck with a vengance, washing out the road to the site. Meanwhile, the radio waited, hermetically sealed, in N7CK’s garage. Finally, Friday the 13th arrived and the rack was loaded on the truck for it’s trip to the site.
After a sucessful trip up the hill the rack was unloaded, … … unwrapped and moved into the building by KA7RTY and N6DGT.