Mount Lemmon

Front of building. Mt. Lemmon is the central site for CARBA. It covers the Tucson area and much of Phoenix from it’s nearly 9000 foot ASL vantage point. Our site on Mt. Lemmon is shared with Army MARS, JPARA and EAARS.

Rear of building. Our backup generator and two fuel tanks are visible.

North view from the tower. Pinal Peak is visible.

South view from the tower. Mts Wrightson and Hopkins are visible as well as Elephant Head Pk.

440 radio and battery controller

Microwave rack – links to Lemmon and Oracle

All the link signals from Mt. Lemmon run to our main controller at the Mt. Bigelow hub via digital microwave through the lower dish. The upper dish is for our link to Oracle.

AK7Z – John Vanza(sk). John spent much time on this mountain helping to build our original site. AK7Z is now our club call.