Heliograph Peak

Site Upgrade – August 2012

The equipment on Heliograph Peak was getting old. We had the prototype 420 link using a GE exciter board and a Motorola Power Module, there were Motorola “L” receivers, the microwave interface was homebrew … it was time for an update.

Since the EAARS group already had been using commercial Kenwood repeaters, we decided to upgrade our 440 and 420 radios using Kenwoods as well. They connected directly to the newly purchased SRS controller using a single cable. The SRS controller also supports a microwave interface, so we had no trouble connecting to the existing analog mux. Finally, the link to Jacks Peak was given a new digital radio and digital mux. It also connected right to the SRS controller with no hassles. All in all, we managed to do the complete install in two half days of work on the mountain. Not bad!