Downtown Tucson


These photos show the original configuration of the 2 racks at our Downtown Tucson site. The rack on the left contained the 2 meter remote radio, power supply and link to Elephant Head while the right hand rack was filled with the link to Mt. Lemmon, the controller and its power supply and the 440 transceiver.

The new rack at KB7RFI’s garage. Another view of the work area and test equipment.
Another view of the rack surrounded by test equipment. A closer view of the controller.
A close view of the microwave filters. The controller and interface shelves
In this view from top to bottom: Telettra microwave tranceiver, Mux card shelf and interface card shelf Back view of the same 3 shelves: Telettra tranceiver, Mux shelf with homebrew pad card attached and interface shelf with terminal strips

Photos courtesy of W7AI, who helped with the installation, but hid behind the camera.